PowerShell 2 Aliases

Get-Alias cmdlet

Alias    Definition  
%        ForEach-Object
?        Where-Object
ac       Add-Content
asnp     Add-PSSnapIn
cat      Get-Content
cd       Set-Location
chdir    Set-Location
clc      Clear-Content
clear    Clear-Host
clhy     Clear-History
cli      Clear-Item
clp      Clear-ItemProperty
cls      Clear-Host
clv      Clear-Variable
compare  Compare-Object
copy     Copy-Item
cp       Copy-Item
cpi      Copy-Item
cpp      Copy-ItemProperty
cvpa     Convert-Path
dbp      Disable-PSBreakpoint
del      Remove-Item
diff     Compare-Object
dir      Get-ChildItem
ebp      Enable-PSBreakpoint
echo     Write-Output
epal     Export-Alias
epcsv    Export-Csv
epsn     Export-PSSession
erase    Remove-Item
etsn     Enter-PSSession
exsn     Exit-PSSession
fc       Format-Custom
fl       Format-List
foreach  ForEach-Object
ft       Format-Table
fw       Format-Wide
gal      Get-Alias
gbp      Get-PSBreakpoint
gc       Get-Content
gci      Get-ChildItem
gcm      Get-Command
gcs      Get-PSCallStack
gdr      Get-PSDrive
ghy      Get-History
gi       Get-Item
gjb      Get-Job
gl       Get-Location
gm       Get-Member
gmo      Get-Module
gp       Get-ItemProperty
gps      Get-Process
group    Group-Object
gsn      Get-PSSession
gsnp     Get-PSSnapIn
gsv      Get-Service
gu       Get-Unique
gv       Get-Variable
gwmi     Get-WmiObject
h        Get-History
history  Get-History
icm      Invoke-Command
iex      Invoke-Expression
ihy      Invoke-History
ii       Invoke-Item
ipal     Import-Alias
ipcsv    Import-Csv
ipmo     Import-Module
ipsn     Import-PSSession
ise      powershell_ise.exe
iwmi     Invoke-WMIMethod
kill     Stop-Process
lp       Out-Printer
ls       Get-ChildItem
man      help
md       mkdir
measure  Measure-Object
mi       Move-Item
mount    New-PSDrive
move     Move-Item
mp       Move-ItemProperty
mv       Move-Item
nal      New-Alias
ndr      New-PSDrive
ni       New-Item
nmo      New-Module
nsn      New-PSSession
nv       New-Variable
ogv      Out-GridView
oh       Out-Host
popd     Pop-Location
ps       Get-Process
pushd    Push-Location
pwd      Get-Location
r        Invoke-History
rbp      Remove-PSBreakpoint
rcjb     Receive-Job
rd       Remove-Item
rdr      Remove-PSDrive
ren      Rename-Item
ri       Remove-Item
rjb      Remove-Job
rm       Remove-Item
rmdir    Remove-Item
rmo      Remove-Module
rni      Rename-Item
rnp      Rename-ItemProperty
rp       Remove-ItemProperty
rsn      Remove-PSSession
rsnp     Remove-PSSnapin
rv       Remove-Variable
rvpa     Resolve-Path
rwmi     Remove-WMIObject
sajb     Start-Job
sal      Set-Alias
saps     Start-Process
sasv     Start-Service
sbp      Set-PSBreakpoint
sc       Set-Content
select   Select-Object
set      Set-Variable
si       Set-Item
sl       Set-Location
sleep    Start-Sleep
sort     Sort-Object
sp       Set-ItemProperty
spjb     Stop-Job
spps     Stop-Process
spsv     Stop-Service
start    Start-Process
sv       Set-Variable
swmi     Set-WMIInstance
tee      Tee-Object
type     Get-Content
where    Where-Object
wjb      Wait-Job
write    Write-Output

2-Column Custom Format Example using Get-Alias
Dynamically format a 2-column output with N-spaces padding, based on first column width
1. get data
2. calc column 1 max length
3. calc column 2 start index
4. loop & print
$data = get-alias
$numberOfSpaces = 2
$col1MaxLength = ($data | %{$_.name.length} | measure -max).maximum  #7
$col2StartIndex = ($col1MaxLength + $numberOfSpaces)  #9

#format: 0=alias, 1=calc padding, 2=def
$data | %{"{0}{1}{2}" -f $_.name, (" " * (($col2StartIndex - $_.name.length))), $_.definition}
AliasInfo Class
#get-alias returns AliasInfo array
$data[0].gettype()  #AliasInfo : System.Management.Automation.CommandInfo

#using the measure-object cmdlet to get alias name length stats
$data | %{$_.name.length} | measure -min -max -ave -sum
count   : 137
average : 3.25
sum     : 445   #na
maximum : 7     #for this example we only need MAX
minimum : 1

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