Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts


  cmd  command/apple C
  ctl  control       L
  opt  option/alt    O
  shf  shift         S
  ent  enter         E
  del  delete        D
  spc  space         _

  C T|N   new tab/file...
  CS T|N  new window/new project...
  CL N    new workspace...
  COS N   new playground
  CO N    new group
  C O     open...
  CS O    open quickly..., file or symbol name
  C >     open hidden files, toggle in file-open dialog (CS .)
  CO A    add files
  C W     close tab
  CS W    close window
  CLO W   close other windows
  CL W    close current file, back to previous file
  CO W    close workspace
  C S     save
  CS S    duplicate..., save as...
  CSO S   save as...
  CO S    save all
  CL S    create snapshot...

  C `       next window
  C ~       previous window (CS `)
  C {|}     previous/next tab
  CL left   back
  CL right  forward
  CL up     toggle header/source file, jump to next counterpart
  L /       next placeholder //<##>
  L ?       previous placeholder (LS /) //<#placeholder 2#>
  C L       line number, goto
  CL J      definition, (cmd + click)
  CS L      selection
  C J       editor
  CO `      focus next area
  CO ~      focus previous area (COS `)
  CO <      open in... (COS ,)
  CO ,      open in assistant editor
  CS J      reveal in project navigator

  C 0  toggle navigator
  C 1  show project navigator
  C 2  show symbol navigator
  C 3  show find navigator
  C 4  show issue navigator
  C 5  show test navigator
  C 6  show debug navigator
  C 7  show breakpoint navigator
  C 8  show report navigator

  L 1  grouped files, recent, unsaved, includes, storyboard outlets
  L 2  previous history
  L 3  next history
  L 4  project
  L 5  folder files
  L 6  function list, code comment tags, storyboard view controller scene

  // TODO: ...
  // FIXME: ...
  // MARK: m1
  // ???: wtf
  // !!!: foo

  C Z    undo
  CS Z   redo
  CO V   special paste
  COS V  paste and preserve formatting
  CD     delete to beginning of line
  L D    delete forward, cursor stationary
  L K    delete to end of line, paragraph
  CL_    emoji & symbols

  C F    find
  CO F   find and replace
  CS F   find in workspace
  COS F  find and replace in workspace
  C G    find next
  CS G   find previous
  C E    use selection for find
  CS E   use selection for replace
  CO J   filter in navigator
  CO L   filter in library

  CLS T  show fonts

  C up|down       move cursor to start/end of file
  C left|right    move cursor to start/end of line  (ctl + A)/(ctl + E)
  O left|right    move cursor left/right one word
  CO left|right   toggle fold
  COS left|right  toggle fold methods, functions
  CLS left|right  toggle fold comment blocks
  C /             toggle comment selection
  L L      center selection in visible area
  CL E     edit all in scope
  CL M     hide all issues
  L I      re-indent
  C [|]    indent, shift left/right
  esc      show completions
  L_       show completions
  L .      cycle through code completion
  L >      cycle through code completion backward, reverse (LS .)
  CO [|]   move line up/down
  O mouse  select block of text

  C B|R|.  build/run/stop
  CS K     clean
  COS K    clean build folder
  CS R     build for running
  CS I     build for profiling
  CL R     run without building
  C I      profile
  CS B     analyze
  CL [|]   select previous/next scheme, workspace project
  C <      edit scheme (CS ,)
  CLO U    test, xctest
  CLO G    test again

  F6|F7|F8  step over/into/out
  CL Y      toggle pause, continue
  CL C      continue to current line
  C K       clear console
  CO K      reload console
  L F6|F7   step over/into instruction
  LS F6|F7  step over/into thread
  C \       add breakpoint at current line
  C Y       toggle activate breakpoints
  CS M      view memory

  CL F   toggle full screen
  CE     show standard editor
  COE    show assistant editor
  CLS W  remove assistant editor
  COS Z  reset editor
  COSE   show version editor

  CS C  activate console
  CS Y  toggle debug area

  CO 0  toggle utilities
  CO 1  show file inspector
  CO 2  show quick help inspector
  CO 3  show identity inspector
             dae node inspector
  CO 4  show attributes inspector
  CO 5  show size inspector
  CO 6  show connections inspector
  CO 7  show bindings inspector, cocoa storyboard
             sknode inspector, sprite kit
  CO 8  show view effects inspector, cocoa storyboard

  CLO 1  show file template library
  CLO 2  show code snippet library
  CLO 3  show object library
  CLO 4  show media library
  CS 0  documentation & api reference
  CS 1  welcome to xcode
  CS 2  devices

  C 1|2|3|4|5   scale 100/75/50/33/25%
  C left|right  rotate left/right
  CS H          home
  C K           toggle software keyboard
  CS K          connect hardware keyboard
  C S           save screen shot
  C T           slow animations
  CS M          simulate memory warning
  C /           open system log...

  C D       duplicate control
  C =       size to fit content, select control first
  C _       add horizontal guide, drag off top/bottom to remove
  C |       add vertical guide, drag off left/right to remove, pipe char
  C [|]     align left/right edges, select controls first
  C +|-     zoom
  C LRUD    scroll
  LS click  control popup menu

  CO C|X  commit.../pull...

  C A  select all diffs, then left or right to select entire file rev

  L F2    select menu bar, file, edit, (ctl + fn + F2)
  CS /    help menu (C ?)
  L F3    select dock
  C `     select next window
  CS `    select previous window (C ~)
  CS 3    save screenshot to file
  CS 4    save selected area to file
  CLS 3   copy screenshot to clipboard
  CLS 4   copy selected area to clipboard
  C ,     preferences
  CO_     system preferences emoji & symbols
  C L     system preferences show all
  CO F5   accessibility options
  CO =    zoom in (enable zoom in accessibility)
  CO _    zoom out
  CO 8    toggle zoom
  C M     minimize
  C H     hide
  CO H    hide others
  CS G    finder goto folder /etc
  C K     finder connect to server
  O       finder image zoom full size
  T       target disk mode w/firewire or thunderbolt cable, hold T on startup
  CO esc  force quit applications
  CL pwr  reboot

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